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Sep 15, 2010 5:00pm PDT
whorl agencies will be on the same frequency. cal fire is already using that system and chief jim crawford said it will save valuable time >> the idea is this will be a multi agency multi disciplined approach to incident management. regardless of who it is or what entities are involved the of the ability to have common communications. >> crawford said the network is currently being billed out in faces across the region antioch which is spending more than half a millionononononononononoo and 25 new radios will join the east bay regional network are also under way in the north and south bay. koppers said budget constraints are problem that could be years before the entire bay area is on the same frequency. i grass fire in a run that is now under control you and see the location on the not occurred near the east bound central wind off ramp. itrew to 4 a. before was control the no homes are in danger. should >> sunny skies across the bay area just a look of fog off the coast near san francisco that's why temperatures are cooler there. warmer up in the north bay this afternoon temperat
Sep 15, 2010 4:00pm PDT
other. shellfire jim crawford said the improved communications could even save lives. >> that's are intended go with this as were building up the in bridge structure is to provide better customer service and better public safety. >> crawford said the regional radio network is a work in progress but because of tight cjd take years to complete. it will happen in san bruno is a wake-up c,tv for cities likeañ19uñoé7éd c,gt the cal fire headquarters in >> stay with kron 4 news is that we will continue our coverage of this stamford a gas line explosion you also went ahead to website to find out how you can help with the donation efforts. >> a couple live looks outside let's start at the golden gate bridge sunny skies here forcing some fog remaining along the coast. i look from our mount tam cam gorgeous sunny skies for most of the bay area. temperatures of the same as were we were yesterday a couple of degrees warmer in some spots. 79 degrees in santa rosa, 73 now bought upper '70's low 80's for inland spots and still " close to the coastline and just about seven degre
Sep 29, 2010 5:00am PDT
bay. battalion chief jim crawford says the very end of a heat wave can bring the most fire danger. >> when it gets really hot people go inside and so we tend to see the less starts for fires. as we get book into cool patterns people start to come back out. since 95% of fires are started by humans, we tend to have more fires when people are out. >> the firefighters again warn everybody be careful about the high fire danger and they remind you some of the greatest fire danger comes in late september and in october, that includes the lick fire in henry could state park and the oakland hills firestorm in 1991. >>> the state's ongoing budget embase is impacting a ride range of services all over the state that includes groups that work with sexual assault victims who say supplies of rape kits have been running low. the department of justice provides the much needed materials to crisis centers and hospitals all over california but because of the budget stalemate those centers are left unable to get the supplies they need. >> you only have one chance to collect the evidence and if you don
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3